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Aspire Krav Maga is committed to teaching people the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones with a realistic approach and in a safe and supportive environment.

The training provided is tailored to the Australian context and deals with the various threats and attacks that people are likely to come across in todays environment. Everything from threat awareness and de-escalation, through to armed attackers and scenarios in which multiple attackers are active have been included in the schools syllabus.

We aim to provide you not just the skills to survive a violent encounter, but also increase your confidence, strength and capability in dealing with life’s other challenges.

The classes are very interactive and you will enjoy the heart racing drills and training that is on offer. There is also a nightly workout included which all members are encouraged to participate in.

The Aspire Krav Maga community itself is supportive and all levels of competence are welcome. By providing this supportive training space students can expect to learn skills and techniques from the first lesson whilst enjoying the class and its members. Because of this we want to attract the same type of people so we do ask that you bring an open mind, a friendly smile and a willingness to learn and help others.

Our instructor team is made up of former military, current law enforcement and business professionals. All of whom are committed to helping people walk in peace and achieve more.

what does Krav maga look like?

What to expect in your first class

All our classes have been designed to provide an environment where the students learn at a pace which is suitable to their ability. You will be challenged, but that's how you learn and become stronger.  We still think that Krav Maga is one of the most fun ways that you can become stronger and more confident in everyday life.

To give you an idea of what an average night might look like, have a read of this;

Warm-up: Something fun to get your heart rate up and reduce the risk of injury and prepare your body for some of the Krav movements we’ll be working on.

Combatives: Each class will allow time to focus on building your striking and combinations, as these are incorporated in most self-defence techniques as a means to end the attack - strong strikes finish fights!

Techniques: The KMG curriculum is aligned across the world, however each country focuses on their most common scenarios. In Australia we focus on dealing with strikes, grabs like chokes and bear hugs, knife and stick threats and attacks, we also look at defending a firearms as you advance through the grades.

Tactics: Understanding the timeline of aggression, appropriate actions to signs of aggression long before they become an attack, and also safe and appropriate post fight actions.

Determination drills: These fun finishing drills consolidate the lesson adding just a touch of adrenalin, proving to your-self that you can and will overcome under pressure!

WOD:  Stay 10 minutes longer and participate in our 10 minute Work Out of the Day. We mix it up with a bit of HIIT, TABATA and circuit style workouts just to name a few, mostly using body weight exercises to build your fitness. Not only is this great for your everyday health but will also help prepare those people going for their grading's. Its an awesome way to finish the night!




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